Hi y'all!

Thanks for giving us a few days to come out of our "China Fog" (Though I don't really think I'm out of it yet.  Went back to work today and felt dumb all day.  Seriously.  I was so bad at forming sentences and/or coherent thoughts.  They sounded great in my head, but it's like a teeny tiny terrorist found his way into my brain and blew up the bridge that spans the gap from my frontal lobe to my mouth.  I would've done better trying to talk with a bunch of cotton balls in there...)

Anyway, I thought that, since you've all seen the "before" pics, you might enjoy a few "afters."  We should have a bunch from the airport soon as well.  Talk about a welcome home!  Our friends and family just really knocked out all the stops.  Completely and totally out of this world!

Love y'all!!!

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First glimpse of her new digs!