Just a short post to say WOW!  We had so much fun tonight.  Not only did we get a second night with Steve, Jo and Mei-Mei, we got to ride the subway, see the grandest hotel in Guangzhou and, the real treat for the evening - Mexican food!!!!

After a quick pre-visa appointment planning session with Maggie, we all ran to our rooms to grab coats and kids and, we thought, hop in cabs and head to the Garden Hotel to meet Steve and Jo.  However, the line to wait for cabs was deep and, due to it being rush hour, the cabs were barely trickling in.  One of our newest family friends, Chris - a fantastic guy from Fort Collins, Colorado who is definitely a "take charge" kinda guy - found out that it was not only (supposedly) easier and (definitely) cheaper to use the subway to get there.  Everyone sounded up for the challenge, so down below we went.

Though our desitnation was only three short stops away, nobody told us that approximately 236 trillion Chinese people ride the subway at one time.  So, we were supposed to meet Steve and Jo at 6:00pm.  It was now 6:35 and we hadn't boarded the first train.  But it was remarkably CLEAN down here...

We all made it in one piece and with all children accounted for.  Chris is a born leader and did an excellent job.  We were all pretty proud of ourselves for having navigated what has to be the world's busiest subway system - a feat really even without kids but we did it with kids, strollers, diaper bags, cameras and a partridge in a pear tree.  Whew.

So, the Garden Hotel.  Holy Spring Roll, Jackie Chan.  This place was amazing.  They were just finishing decorating the Christmas tree in the lobby (if "lobby" is even the right word; cathedral would be more fitting I think).  The tree was huge, but not to be overshadowed by what had to be a 50 or 60 foot waterfall in the courtyard area.  We couldn't quite get to it but could see it through glass.  Man.  I asked Steve how many butlers came with his room...

Anyway, back to reality.  So we walked just a few minutes and there it was.  The "Tekila" restaurant.  I think we were all pretty skeptical since we are in, you know - CHINA.  I mean, really?  How good could Mexican food be in China?  We had appropriately coined the phrases "Chexican" or "Mexinese" at best.  But...

It was AWESOME!!!  They even had margaritas y'all - REALLY GOOD MARGARITAS!!!  I got fajitas.  Michaela got stuffed jalepenos (wow)!  Chris got the "Mexican Burger" - YES!  ALL GOOD!!!  I know this just isn't that great to y'all back home who probably all had Tacomania yesterday after church, but when you can't just drive down and get it, you REALLY MISS IT! 

We were leaving and I asked one of the other dads (who happens to be from Oregon) what was the first thing he was going to eat when he got back to the states and he said, without hesitating "Mexican!!!"  Since a guy from Oregon told me that, it made me realize just how much we all love this cuisine.  Not only that, but the food and company was so good, I told Michaela later that I kinda forgot we were even in China for just a little bit.  Wow.  What a great night. 

Tomorrow: Chinese Safari Park.  Supposedly, Quinn is going to get to hold a White Tiger Cub!

Night night everybody!
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Visa paperwork session with sweet Maggie. I wonder if she's ever heard "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart? I'm gonna play it for her before we leave. She so totally rocks.