So, in case you haven't figured out by now, we've been able to benefit from "those who have gone before us" in SOOOO many ways.  Not just other adoptive families but, one specific and near and so dear to us - the Hales.  We love you guys so much and just can't thank you enough for all the "China briefings."  They have proven invaluable. 

I have done my best not to parrot Mr. Hale's words on their blog - but today I just can't come up with a better way to say what we had to subject our precious baby Quinn to.  So, forgive me for plagerizing just for today, Uncle Jimmy but the phrase for this morning on your trip is the best way to describe for it ours too: 

Chinese Baby Torture.

We began the morning with successful FaceTime sessions with almost all of our family, then my favorite stop of EVERY day in China - breakfast.  We then loaded up on the bus (Quinn is growing very weary of that mode of transportation by the way; I kinda am too) and headed to the NEW clinic for everyone's medical exams (evidently the old one wasn't that great; we were certainly impressed with the cleanliness and staff - good stuff).

First stop in the clinic was visa/medical exam photo.  Quinn seems to like to have her picture taken so she breezed right through that.  Next was height, weight and temparature taken by a nurse who, by the way, was actually wearing one of those little white nurse's hats - love it!  Quinn was skeptical but OK.  Then we went to the ENT.  He didn't bother her too much until he had to stick the tongue depresser in her mouth.  She didn't fuss or anything, but certainly gave him a look that was priceless. 

OK, more than halfway done.  After waiting a little bit, we saw the general medicine doctor.  This was a nice enough guy but, when it came time to get undressed and take a more thorough look at her birthmark and do more poking and prodding, Quinn was NOT happy.  Real tears this time.  I wasn't even able to get pictures I felt so bad for her.  Her little feelings were so terribly hurt.  Chinese Baby Torture #1. 

To make matters worse, this doctor decided he didn't want to make the final call on whether her brithmark was something he could sign off on or not.  So, unlike the other families who were done at this point, we had to make everybody wait while we ventured down to a "senior" doctor's office to let him evaluate Quinn. 

After 10 minutes or so and a rather random question about whether she was calling us "momma" or "dadda", we were able to go to the final and most dreaded of the day's stops, the vaccination room.  As most people know, there is absolutely nothing to a TB test - just a little needle right under the skin.  But, to Quinn, this was Armageddon.  Definitely the worst part for her.  Chinese Baby Torture #2 for sure. 

But, as soon as I picked her up and held her a little bit, she was fine.  I mean, honestly - what kid LIKES going to the doctor, right?  Well, at least we're done with that and there will be no more of it on this trip since we waived all the rest and promised to do it in the states.  Not saying it will be any better for her but at least we'll be HOME.

After a little walking tour of all the shops on the ground floor of the hotel for just the three of us (Quinn loves to walk "all by herself") and some lunch, it was nap time.  Momma and princess are out for the count and I'm not far behind them.

Check back later this evening too.  We were invited by Steve and Jo to come see their pimpin' diggs at the "Garden Inn" - supposedly the uber-cool, nicest place to stay in Guangzhou.  Most importantly though, there is a real, live MEXICAN FOOD restaurant within walking distance from their hotel.  Don't think Michaela Stanberry isn't on cloud 10 about that one.  Woo hoo!!!
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Our original travel group (less Todd, Lisa, Sam, Isabell, Ethan and Noah - the Ritz' grandparents and siblings) all waiting in the clinic...