Mornin' Y'all -

Today has been great! God is certainly at the helm, as we all needed a little downtime and He saw to it that we receive just that today.

Before I get on to it, just a quick note to let y'all know that I may have sounded a little "harsh" yesterday but any comments that may have been construed that way were purely my exhaustion talking. I did not harbor any ill will toward the lady I described as a kidnapper. I totally respect and appreciate the people of this great nation and admire them in so many ways. It's just hard to hide our innate "westernisms" sometimes - especially when your "check engine" light is burning bright. Sorry if I offended anyone or went too far.

Also, there are SOOO many different environmental forces at work behind the scenes of the various birth mothers and their respective situations. I in no way, shape or form ever intended to sound judgmental of them either. It's funny the different mindsets we are in during this journey (and even at home), depending on the amount of rest we have had or what has transpired any given day. Had I written about traveling to Quinn's Finding Spot as I write this now, I likely would have had a totally different thought process. I think i was just trying to convey the general sadness Michaela and I both felt right at that moment and the moments that immediately followed, as well as the rather "torn" thoughts we were having about the abandonment part too. We will never know any of the details surrounding Quinn's abandonment, nor would I ever claim to attempt to know them. Again, just wanted to do my best to relay our feelings at the time...

So, on to today and the EXCELLENT, REFRESHING, HAPPY, GENUINE family time we all had.

Rather than muck it up with words, I'll chill out and let the pictures do the talking this time.

We love y'all!

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OK, maybe just one caption. This was just a quick morning shot before heading out to a much-needed American bite at McDonald's (Jimmy - I just read your comment. That's SO WEIRD MAN! It's like you've been here before or something...) and stroll in the park. Quinn decided the Do Not Disturb sign was the perfect toy for most of the morning. Sweet girl...