God is Good, folks. Michaela and I have no better way to describe the past 12 hours. We could not have asked for a better adoption experience. Our sweet, precious Quinn "Zhen Zhen" LeLane is nothing short of an angel. Granted, I'm a little biased. So, let me attempt to replay the days events now that momma and baby are sleeping soundly...

8:30am - Breakfast and last minute preparations/paper gathering for all.

9:30am - We promptly loaded the bus with all kinds of sweet emotions just going wild.

10:00am - We arrived right on time to the Adoption Affairs Building and guess who was the FIRST to arrive? Quinn! As we were all getting out of our seats to get off the bus, Michaela heard Becca say, "Hey! I think I see Quinn!" Right she was. How cool was THAT!

12:00ish - Back at hotel. Momma busied herself with getting sweet Quinn out of the MANY layers of clothing the nannies had put her in (this is very common as most of the orphanages do not have much, if any heat/air conditioning to speak of). Also, Quinn had thrown up on her way from the orphanage to the Affairs Building (nearly a three hour drive) as this was quite literally the first time she had ever ridden in a car. Once we had her fairly cleaned up (no bath yet - she had already been traumatized enough at this point), we had some lunch: rice congee (like really bland, soupy grits), some apple juice and a Chinese sponge cake thingy she decided she didn't want. Side note: other than a very brief little cry when the room service lady came in, the reaction to the sponge cake thingy was her first real "fit" (or any display of emotion whatsoever) all day - and even that didn't really amount to anything. She got fussy one other time and that was when we tried to lay her in her crib for the first time. She basically threw her head back HARD, arched her back, and cried a little. When Michaela picked her up, she was fine. So where was I? Oh yes - after lunch Kaylea and Quinn laid down for a much needed nap while I went to tend to more paperwork. After I had been in the meeting room for paperwork for over two hours, most of the rest of our group had ventured in with their kiddos, so I texted Michaela thinking maybe she thought no one had brought kids and she was just hanging with Quinn in the room. Nope! Quinn was still asleep! Sweet thing must've needed it more than we realized. How stressful all this was for her!

4:00ish - A fully rested Quinn and mommy were ready for some action. We strolled the hall of our hotel (Quinn is walking just fine and holding momma's finger en route) and met up with some of our group. We ended up sitting down in the hall and talking for a long while. Well, at least until someone from the hotel came and told us we couldn't do that anymore. We split up and Lisa (Tilly's grandma) said she wanted Todd (grandpa) to meet Quinn (they hadn't seen her yet), so we hung out in their room for a while, just recounting the day and letting everyone kind of decompress.

6:00ish - We suited up and headed over to the noodle restaurant for dinner. Quinn was INCREDIBLE! Michaela and I are utterly fascinated at how easily things are coming to her. We also realized at this point that someone at her orphanage took VERY good care of her. Not only had she been given a haircut (I think you ladies call it a "bob"), but she knows exactly what to do when you: 1) change her diaper, 2) put on socks/shoes, 3) put on or take off coat (or shirt or pants)!, 4) feed her with a fork/spoon (well, mostly anyway; she's kind of funny with this. She doesn't really close her mouth when the spoon is inserted with food on it. I would think this is a natural reflex but apparently not. It's all good though!) Anyway, the point is, most of things don't just happen unless someone is spending a little time working on them. In fact, sweet Quinn is just going right after her daddy's heart, cause she cannot STAND for there to be ANYTHING WHATSOEVER on her fingers, hands, face, clothes, etc. Any time a piece of food or drink would not quite make it all the way into her mouth, she would reach up and slide it in. Or, if it fell on her lap or leg, she would try to brush it off or look at one of us like, "you gonna get that for me or what?" Another side note: Her hands/fingers are so pretty and DAINTY!!! (and she knows it) One last point during dinner is that we spent the better part of an hour just sitting there WATCHING her. She was fascinated with my wallet and everything in it. At one point she had all the Chinese money spread out everywhere and we played a game where she would put it in the money clip part of my wallet and I would close the magnetic flap thing and she just thought it was GREAT. It was at this point in the evening that we got a very first SMILE!!!! I gotta tell you man, that was it. I'm head over heels for this girl. Seriously. I'm gonna have a double standard and there ain't a thing anybody can do about it.

7:30pm - Back in hotel room (slight diversion to Christmas lights outside the hotel, where she was again fascinated with just about everything she saw - mainly because it was the FIRST TIME she had seen ANY of it; pointing and making the CUTEST FACE YOU'VE EVER SEEN, with her mouth kind of in an "O" and her eyebrows way up high...)

7:38ish - BATH TIME. Loved it. I keep waiting for something. A catastrophe of some sort. But no. There is none. She loved every second. Even when her little booty slid out from under her and she gave us a scare. Twice. Nope - she was fine.

7:40something - All fresh and free of a bunch of really icky stuff in her ears/nose. I thought surely the "extraction" would do it. I was totally prepared for a full on meltdown. No sir. Nothing. In fact, she kind of rolled in the right direction when it was time to do each nostril/ear. Crazy. We even cut her finger nails. Put some Mickey Mouse on the iPad just in case but didn't even need it. Nothing has fazed this kid.

7:59 and 24 seconds, 25, 26, 27... - I wanted to read to her so momma gave us a book about babies. She really dug it. At one point I just kind of let her have it and she was pointing at the various pictures of babies and looking at me as if to say, "...you know this dude with the passie?" Somehow it got turned upside down and I could've sworn she realized it and turned it right side up...

8:15 - time for night night. She wasn't having anything to do with the crib so we just put her between us and she was out within a few minutes. I transferred her to the crib and that's where she's been ever since. Sleeping like, well - a baby.

We are so truly blessed and I can't thank each and everyone of you enough for your much-needed prayers. I have cried alot today (yeah - I know, hard to believe from me, right?) but every single tear was full of joy. Even when I found out my sweet Nana went home to be with God today. Of course I am deeply saddened but do you think it was any coincidence that this happened the very same day we met our precious baby Quinn? There is NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE when we talk about the Power of our Great God in Heaven! The breadcrumbs, the gentle nudges, this entire crazy journey, the people in our lives, it is all in His PERFECT PLAN. And we got to see one of the most amazing chapters in that plan today when he traded one beautiful angel for another. Thank you for letting us silly, flawed, broken humans get a sneak peak at your true glory like that, God. We love you and thank you for loving us.
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