We would like to share a story that explains the signifiance of the butterflies.  Michaela wrote this for our church newsletter:

Not to long ago my husband and I decided to adopt from China. After many failed attempts to start a family, we felt like the decision to adopt was an answered prayer. Though the adoption process has thus far been exciting, it has also been very tedious. Our patience has certainly been tried!  Even though this has been an exciting time for us there has also been some frustration.  The frustration and anticipation got the best of me last week.  After more than one “breakdown” and what seemed to be an endless amount of setbacks, whether via government agencies, adoption services, doctors, financial planners – you name it – I was near my breaking point!


Now, please rewind with me a moment.  At the Women’s Event “Sanctuary for our Souls,” Debbie shared a butterfly story.  She shared her story of a trip to the Grand Canyon – one which she began with much trepidation due to her nerves.  Like me, Debbie most definitely does not favor the outdoors; our idea of “roughing it” is a hotel with no room service!  Needless to say, she embarked on this trip with more than a little discomfort.  So she prayed.  She prayed for God to give her a sign that she was going to make it; a sign that He was with her.  And, as if cued by a stagehand, a group of beautiful butterflies showed up and followed Debbie throughout the trip.  These butterflies became her source of inspiration.  For her it was a reminder that God was with her and she could do it.


So back to my breaking point: Last Friday, as I stood outside at recess contemplating what bad news I would receive next regarding our adoption dilemmas, a precious little Asian girl that I had never seen before ran up to me. Incredulous with excitement, she told me that a yellow butterfly was just sitting on her hand.  She explained that it landed on her hand and then jumped off and flew over the fence.  She giggled and ran off to play…


…In that moment I was frozen.  In the middle of the chaos of recess and adoption “issues” and all the other stuff in my life, I felt God speaking to me. Not only was he speaking to me through a butterfly, but through a butterfly that landed on this sweet little Asian girl’s hand!  Coincidence?  I think not!  I was overwhelmed!  I needed so much to be reminded that it was Him who led our hearts to adopt and that He is going to be with us every step of the way.  What a sign from God. He is ALWAYS with us!

Butterfly wishes -

Michaela Stanberry